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South West Primary Care Alliance

Huron Perth

Sub-region Team

  • Dr. Paul Gill - Sub-region Clinical Lead
  • Shirley Koch - Sub-region Director, South West LHIN
  • Kim Sheehan - Director, Home & Community Care, South West LHIN
  • Julie Moore - Health System Planner, South West LHIN
  • Alexa Attard - Executive Assistant, South West LHIN

Huron Perth Primary Care Alliance Meeting

Feb 27, 2018
Oct 19, 2017

Welcome to New Huron Perth Primary Care Alliance Co-Chair: Dr Matt MacDonald
"I became the lead physician for the Stratford Family Health Team in early 2017. Our group has seen many positive changes over the last year and we continue to work towards improvements in patient care and access in the community. In my attempt to understand the current structure of local and provincial healthcare systems, I found many unanswered questions and lots of uncertainty. Our sub-region has strong FHT leadership representing a vast majority of patients in Huron-Perth. Collaboration, coordination and communication are essential if we are to maintain our strength at the level of the LHIN. In the age of smart phones and internet tubes, there is no excuse for a lack of dialogue in the primary care sector."