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South West Primary Care Alliance


Sub-Region Team

  • Dr. Jitin Sondhi - Sub-region Clinical Lead
  • Lynn Hinds - Sub-region Director, South West LHIN
  • Jennifer Row - Director, Home & Community Care, South West LHIN
  • Rachael Griffin - Health System Planner, South West LHIN
  • Alexa Attard - Executive Assistant, South West LHIN

Newsletter Update - October 2018

Oxford Primary Care Newsletter from Co-Chairs Dr. Jitin Sondhi & Dr.Gerry Rowland

Next Meeting:
November 7, 2018
Quality Hotel Suites

This is a Cancer Care Ontario and SWPCA event and DINNER is provided while we discuss upcoming changes to Colon Cancer Screening. NEW COLORECTAL SCREENING TESTS ARE COMING!!!

Register Here

Minutes and Slide Decks from our previous meeting are here. Minutes from September 13, 2018 meetin are still in progress but slide deck is available for review. Please review the driver diagrams to ensure you feel we are covering what matters for our region and provide feedback to Dr.Sondhi and Dr. Rowland

Transition to Fit Dinner Events

We're rolling out a new screening test! A new colorectal cancer screening test is coming! In early 2019, the FOBT will be replaced with the new Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT). Why the change? How effective is FIT? How do you order the test for your patients? What changes will be experienced as a result of the implementation of the new test? We have ALL the answers you need.

REGISTER TODAY and join us at one of the five dinner events this Fall in partnership with your local Primary Care Alliance.

  • October 17 - Owen Sound (Stone Tree Golf and Fitness)
  • October 24 - Blyth (Cowbell Brewing Co.)
  • November 7 - Woodstock (Quality Hotel and Suites)
  • November 21 - London (Windermere Manor)
  • November 22 - St.Thomas (St. Thomas Public Arts Centre)
Click here for more information and to register.

MyChart - Patient Portal Coming Soon!

MyChart is a patient portal which will be implemented in the South West LHIN for select patients of the London Regional Cancer Program and St. Joseph's Breast Care program.

Patients of these facilities will have real-time, online access to a variety of health information, including: 

•    Medications
•    Allergies
•    Care plans
•    Labs    
•    Microbiology
•    Pathology
•    Genetic reports
•    Discharge summaries

How Will MyChart Impact My Practice?

As referenced above, many different reports will be accessible to your patients. Lab results, microbiology results, pathology and genetic reports will be available to you in ClinicalConnectTM prior to being made available in MyChart to allow for a clinical review period and appropriate follow-up time. Although primary care information will not be available in MyChart at this time, it is anticipated that this information will be included at a future phase. 

Patients will be encouraged to direct specific questions to the physician at the facility where they received treatment, however, your patients may also wish to give you delegate access to their MyChart account and include you in their health care journey. Your acceptance of this access, as well as the use of the secure messaging function is voluntary, and requires mutual agreement between yourself and your patient. Patients are encouraged to use the secure messaging feature for general questions only, and not to communicate medical emergencies.

For more information about MyChart, sign up for the MyChart newsletter here or email MyChart@hitsehealth.ca.

Access to Team Based Care

As we continue to work with the LHIN to improve access to various resources traditionally available to FHT practices in our FHO/FHG predominant environment I wish to engage you in helping to finalize my business proposal. The goal is to promote and respect physician autonomy in their practice model without limiting patients in those practices to the resources available to physicians in FHTs. Please review this survey and provide me with your feedback so that we can finalize our business proposal to increase access.

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